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Now Back from Winter Hiatus...

Now back from a winter hiatus, we're once again in the game & are working hard to keep you in the loop & fully informed. It's going to be a good year & we're excited for all that lies ahead...   

This March, the Metro celebrates its 1 year anniversary & we're entering Phase II of our endeavor. With a strong foothold successfully achieved online, we're now expanding our efforts into an ongoing PR campaign aimed at putting the DC Scene firmly on the map.  

In the meantime, we've joined forces w/ DJ Johnny Panic to host a special night for St. Patrick's Day. Celebrating Johnny's Birthday & the 1 Year Anniversary of The Metro Underground, we've put together an evening of unbridled possibility & good times for all.                                                               

So please join us Friday, March 19th from 8pm-2am for St. Patrick Night of Mayhem:

The Return of the Snakes!  

Hosted at a beautiful location just off Capitol Hill, we've assembled a premium full service bar, Irish theme buffet, DJ's, dancing, burlesque, & a night of absolute mayhem. In the true Irish tradition, drinks will be freely flowing & anything goes. So please join us as a personal guest & hoist a pint to good friends old & new.  

See our main site or contact Richard A.D. or for info:   

We also have major plans for future events as well. True to its name, we've killed off Capitol Punishment & it will be no more. It was a great night & offered a level of true elegance to the scene, but there were changes to be made & we wanted something more.  

In its place, we wanted to create an event that would raise the bar on opulence & intrigue - an affair so hot that everyone would stand up & take notice; worthy of national recognition. In this pursuit, Nicotine & Richard A.D. have joined forces to bring you The DC Fetish Ball & DC Fetish Weekend - the city's most scandalous affair!  Plans are in motion & the date is set. So put Columbus Day Weekend on your calendar stay tuned for a night not to be missed. 

In the meantime, spring is soon upon us & things are heating up! There are major shifts taking place in the scene w/ old nights reinventing themselves & new nights springing up all over the place. Rather than a running list here as we've done in the past, we're going to direct you to the main site for a full rundown of everything that's happening.  To which…  

Calendars have been updated & cover a full build-out until June. Major Events have been posted through to the end of the year. News & Notes have been updated to include major stories to keep you in the loop & fully informed. In fact, we've run through the entire site & have updated ALL of our content for each of our listings.  

So check it out online: 

And as promised, you can now follow us on Facebook & Twitter as well. This will offer a more timely dimension to the overall endeavor & will be used in conjunction w/ the main site online & our newsletter through email & Live Journal. So stay in the loop & follow the scene w/ multi-faceted updates for the area's hottest events & important news from across the spectrum.   

Please note that we may post photos, events (etc.), but we recognize the mainstream nature of facebook & will never tag you, post to your wall, or impose ourselves on your public profile in any way. Also, since we cover ALL aspects of the scene, any posting to Facebook will be toned down for the sake of proper decorum. Our more explicit brother on Fet-life will carry a much heavier emphasis on the adult aspects of the scene (although we will cover it on twitter as well). And of course, such elements can also be found on the main site. 

So stay in touch, we have a lot planned for 2010 & it promises to be a great year!   

Rick D (Richard A.D).

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