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The Metro Gets a Complete Overhaul...

As The Metro celebrates its 2nd anniversary, we’d like to thank EVERYONE who helped make this year so memorable. Indeed, the local scene is one of the most vibrant in the nation & we’re pleased to have an active roll.

To mark the occasion, we’ve now completed a full overhaul for our main site. Offering new pages for an improved format as well as a complete update of all materials, the last time we put in this much effort was when we first went live over 2 years ago!

Various elements have been added throughout, plus we configured separate pages for major & recurring events to offer our calendars a more manageable format. The Main Calendar now has a full build-out to the end of the year (we’ll still maintain ongoing updates for events yet posted), plus listings for groups & clubs now have links for both their main site as well as pages on Facebook or Fetlife (** A critical message for promoters is in our P.S. **).  Both the Culture & Resource Pages have been heavily expanded. Also, articles for various elements of the scene have been moved to Blogspot. Links for each can now be found as a lead in for our Resource Page.

Perhaps most noticeable is the addition of pics & graphics. A picture really is worth a 1,000 words so we’ve provided a good balance between written information & visual impact. We’ve also made a FULL update for News & Notes. Included are such items as a new chapter for The Crucible, the return of Tronik, reformatting of Leather Retreat, & the relocation of several core nights plus a great deal more.

One key difference this year was the inclusion of our own parties. As requested, we added Metro Events to keep you updated on our own affairs or any functions we may co-host.

On that note, we unfortunately had to cancel our March St. Pat’s Party (explanations are on the site), but we’re looking ahead to this year’s Fetish Ball & other opportunities on the horizon.

On that note, last year the DC Fetish Weekend was without question an absolute success. Bringing together some of the scene's very best DJ's, models, fashion, live entertainment, & nationally recognized talent (all accented w/ a well equipped play-space in the some of the area's very best venues), members from all corners of the East Coast gathered to partake in one of the city’s most lavish affairs. The feedback has been awesome & we’d like to continue this tradition as we build ever greater momentum for the DC Scene.

As we now move into spring, we’re looking forward to what awaits in the months ahead.

In the meantime, please check it out:

Our mission remains the same:  to serve as a fundamental gateway for the entire spectrum of the alternative, adult, & underground scene; thus providing a more synergistic forum to help lift the fog for what's going on in & around the area, assist in the promotion of the scene as a whole, & ultimately to provide a means by which that bridges can be built - from one culture to another, & from one group to the next. 

We thank you for your support & hope to see you out sometime soon! 

Rick D~

The Metro Underground & DC Fetish Ball.


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** A Special Note for Promoters:  I’m starting to see a trend, & as a full-time marketing professional I feel that such actions are a deep mistake. Please know that there IS life beyond Facebook, Fetlife, & Twitter!!!  If you have a website then I ‘highly’ recommend you keep it updated. Social networking is important, but if your core site is outdated (which by the way is the main result for Google) then it only serves to make you look out of action & off your game. You need to keep BOTH up to date. I also recommend that you use marketing to drive people to your main site & your main site to drive people to Facebook or Fetlife (not the other way around). You can then use social networking to keep people up to date on current events while your main site makes your pitch to new inquiries or sells the next big thing. The other option is to shut down your main site & use Facebook as your gateway. If you’re more adult in nature or only have a Fetlife Page then I highly recommend you consider using a main page to drive content to your group.

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