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24 August 2011 @ 07:47 pm
    In just a few short days (over Labor Day), BLP Ltd. will present his inaugural flight of the ambitions Fet-Fest (already rated as one of the regions largest & most extravagant weekend getaways). Just 2 hours north of DC, Ramblewood will serve as ground zero for an impressive array of weekend activities. But don’t wait, registration ends This Sunday Night so you won’t want to miss out on an incredible opportunity.

In coordination w/ Fet-fest, Richard A.D, The Metro Underground, & DC Fetish Ball will be hosting Sunday’s main event (Sept 4th). We have an awesome evening planned & a special surprise that promises to blow you away!  So please join us for an event born of sheer immortality…  

FetFest Sunday - "Dusk 'til Dawn" in the Main Pavilion:   Welcome to the Titty Twister, a Fetfest favorite from which no one returns. From the creators of The Metro Underground & DC Fetish Ball, we offer an evening of enticement, enchantment, & eternal possibility. Top DJ’s, Exotic Dancers, Fire Performers, Feeding Vamps, & probably a human sacrifice or two will all come together to create a night of epic proportion.  So please join us for one of the weekend’s biggest events & a night you won’t want to miss – all in one of DC’s newest & greatest traditions - Fetfest.  

This is the Body… This is the Blood… Your Communion Awaits.

For more info, see:   http://www.themetrounderground.com/Metro.html  

We look forward to seeing you there!

Richard A.D.

The Metro Underground & DC Fetish Ball.

The Metro: http://www.TheMetroUnderground.com
DC Fetish Ball: http://DCFetishBall.com

Follow us on Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/TheMetroUnderground
Join us on Fet-Life: http://FetLife.com/Groups/4756

18 April 2011 @ 11:07 pm

As The Metro celebrates its 2nd anniversary, we’d like to thank EVERYONE who helped make this year so memorable. Indeed, the local scene is one of the most vibrant in the nation & we’re pleased to have an active roll.

To mark the occasion, we’ve now completed a full overhaul for our main site. Offering new pages for an improved format as well as a complete update of all materials, the last time we put in this much effort was when we first went live over 2 years ago!

Various elements have been added throughout, plus we configured separate pages for major & recurring events to offer our calendars a more manageable format. The Main Calendar now has a full build-out to the end of the year (we’ll still maintain ongoing updates for events yet posted), plus listings for groups & clubs now have links for both their main site as well as pages on Facebook or Fetlife (** A critical message for promoters is in our P.S. **).  Both the Culture & Resource Pages have been heavily expanded. Also, articles for various elements of the scene have been moved to Blogspot. Links for each can now be found as a lead in for our Resource Page.

Perhaps most noticeable is the addition of pics & graphics. A picture really is worth a 1,000 words so we’ve provided a good balance between written information & visual impact. We’ve also made a FULL update for News & Notes. Included are such items as a new chapter for The Crucible, the return of Tronik, reformatting of Leather Retreat, & the relocation of several core nights plus a great deal more.

One key difference this year was the inclusion of our own parties. As requested, we added Metro Events to keep you updated on our own affairs or any functions we may co-host.

On that note, we unfortunately had to cancel our March St. Pat’s Party (explanations are on the site), but we’re looking ahead to this year’s Fetish Ball & other opportunities on the horizon.

On that note, last year the DC Fetish Weekend was without question an absolute success. Bringing together some of the scene's very best DJ's, models, fashion, live entertainment, & nationally recognized talent (all accented w/ a well equipped play-space in the some of the area's very best venues), members from all corners of the East Coast gathered to partake in one of the city’s most lavish affairs. The feedback has been awesome & we’d like to continue this tradition as we build ever greater momentum for the DC Scene.

As we now move into spring, we’re looking forward to what awaits in the months ahead.

In the meantime, please check it out: www.TheMetroUnderground.com

Our mission remains the same:  to serve as a fundamental gateway for the entire spectrum of the alternative, adult, & underground scene; thus providing a more synergistic forum to help lift the fog for what's going on in & around the area, assist in the promotion of the scene as a whole, & ultimately to provide a means by which that bridges can be built - from one culture to another, & from one group to the next. 

We thank you for your support & hope to see you out sometime soon! 

Rick D~

The Metro Underground & DC Fetish Ball.

Metro: http://www.TheMetroUnderground.com
DCFB: http://DCFetishBall.com

Follow us on Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/TheMetroUnderground
Join us on Fet-Life: http://FetLife.com/Groups/4756

Also on Twitter: http://Twitter.com/MetroUndergrnd
Quarterly Newsletter on LJ: http://MetroUndergrnd.LiveJournal.com/

** A Special Note for Promoters:  Read more...Collapse ).

28 December 2010 @ 04:25 pm
We've had a number of requests for what's going on New Year's Eve. I thought it was worth it to make a special update for the birth of a new decade!  In the meantime, I'd like to wish everyone a great holiday & a prosperous year.

Also, keep an eye out.  Over the next few weeks I'll be giving The Metro's main site a complete overhaul w/ additional sections, a new look, & a full build-out for 2011. And in February we'll be hosting the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, a Speakeasy of unspeakable mayhem to celebrate 2 years in the scene.   

Here are a few great events to usher in the new year…

Tue 28th - Happy Birthday to Mistress Tyler & Lady Shazz!
New Year's Eve (Fri 31st):  Please see our main site for links & info…  

     - Bound's Perv Ball: Presenting the 15th installment at the Loft Warehouse.
     - Fallout's NYE Masquerade: One of Richmond's greatest nights!
     - Lucky Paul's NYE Play Party: Hosted in Rockville.  

     - NYE Bash & Sleepover: Presented by The Crucible.
     - NYE Swingers Ball: Hosted by Baltimore's Tabu Social Club.
     - Pimp & Hookers NYE Party: Presented by Mid-Atlantic Couples.
     - NYE Under the Stars: Hosted by The Private Affair.
     - KINK presents NYE: One DC's best play parties for women & transfolk.
     - FIST presents NYE: Because one awesome trans-party isn't enough!

     - Baltimore's NYE Drag Burlesque: Hosted at The Hippo in Baltimore.
     - NYE World Gala: Special Rates & gathering with Pro's in the City.
     - NYE Gala: Special Rates & gathering through DC International Club.

Jan 7th - Dunkelhiet Returns: First Friday's in DC makes a welcome return.
Jan 29th - Drac's Ball: Shampoo Nightclub hosts Conjure One & KHZ in Philly.

Thank you for all the support & we'll hope to see you sometime soon.

Rick D~


The Metro Underground & DC Fetish Ball.


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Also on Twitter:
Newsletter through LJ:

05 November 2010 @ 10:23 pm

~ Some Seasonal Notes from Rick & The Metro Underground ~ 

The Metro Underground generally offers a quarterly newsletter w/ the addition of a few special features for times such as Halloween Weekend. I have to apologize for not getting that out, but as many of you know I was fully engaged w/ this year's Fetish Ball. What most of you don't know is that during this time my mother was in also her final days & we finally lost her on Thursday, Oct. 21st. 

Normally I offer a fairly depersonalized newsletter that's basically straight to the point & almost solely focused on the scene. But given the state of things I feel compelled to offer a bit more (& in an era that thrives on messages of no more than 160 characters I ask that you indulge me).

But first, a bit of overdue housekeeping…

There have been a few changes in the scene as of late. A couple new club nights, a few venues shifting, etc. Please know that I plan to have all aspects of the main site fully updated by the end of the month. Just be sure to check in by Thanksgiving for a new look & full build-out.

Additionally, I finally posted pics from DC Fetish Ball (see the following links): 

 Also with the following photographers who covered the event:

Still waiting on 2 others - I'll post those links on Facebook as soon as I get word.

Okay, now on to the rest of it…


More Under the CutCollapse )

With truth in my heart, I thank you.

Rick D~

16 October 2010 @ 03:24 pm

I wanted to take a moment & thank EVERYONE who helped make DC Fetish Ball & DC Fetish Weekend such a fabulous affair. The feedback has been stellar, & the overall weekend was without question an absolute success. We'd like to thank all those who came out & offered your support. 

Indeed, stay tuned for the post-event PR currently in the works.  We're currently slated to be published in 4 magazines w/ national recognition, & I'll probably be able to spin that into another 6 more. One goal for the ball was to put the DC Scene firmly on the map for the national stage.

As an event such as DCFB gains increased exposure, through our efforts w/ The Metro Underground we can then create a ripple of positive focus for other events, organizations, & club nights as well as those involved directly w/ the ball. So this is not only good for us, but for the scene as a whole. 

Were it not for the support & hard work of such an incredible team, this never would have happened. Indeed, DCFB represents some of the very best talent our scene has to offer, & it's been an absolute pleasure working w/ each of those involved.


Special Thanks Under the CutCollapse )

Photos will be posted soon. You'll be able to find links & posts on DCFetishBall.com as well as The Metro Underground. We'll also have them w/ The Metro on Facebook, as well as my own profile page for Facebook & Fetlife.

Thank you to our photographers for such a great job in covering the event.

Offering a bit of a post-mortem, we do have plans to take next year's Ball to a whole new level. However, this will be our last event that offers a full weekend. In the aftermath, we found that although the numbers were significantly up from events of previous years, the happy hour & pre-party actually drew people away from the main ball (a core group of hard players who would have otherwise made it).

Since the main ball is our priority, we've decided that this is counter to our core objectives. So we'll be holding the same awesome events & private affairs that we've become known for, but we'll spread it out across the year rather than to over-tax people with one raging weekend.  Currently we're thinking something like a quarterly schedule:  Winter Formal (Private Party) - Spring Event - Summer Party - Fall Fetish Ball.  We're still sorting it out so stay tuned!

Again, I thank everyone involved & all those who came out to support such a great event. You have no idea how much your work & effort is appreciated.  Next year promises to be even better as we learn from events past & adjust for an even more extravagant future.  In the meantime, we'll be in touch with photos & articles as they become published.

I'll hope to see you around the scene,

Rick D~

The Metro Underground & DC Fetish Weekend.


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30 September 2010 @ 04:02 pm

Please join us October 8th-9th-10th (Columbus Day Weekend) for 3 nights of pure beauty, opulence, & intrigue, all culminating in one of DC's Ultimate Underground Balls & Alternative Dance Nights.   

Bringing together some of the scene's very best DJ's, models, fashion, live entertainment, & nationally recognized talent - all accented w/ a well equipped play-space in some of the city's very best venues, DC Fetish Weekend promises to bring a level of twisted delight worthy of the Nation's Capitol! 

Brought to you by The Metro Underground.

See Website for Tickets, Links, Models, Talent, & More:  http://DCFetishBall.com 


Details Under the CutCollapse )

The Metro Underground serves as a primary gateway to the entire spectrum of the alternative, adult, & underground scene for DC, Baltimore, & Mid-Atlantic region.

22 September 2010 @ 05:39 am

Please join us October 8th-9th-10th (Columbus Day Weekend) for 3 full nights of pure beauty, opulence, & intrigue.  See Website for Tickets, Talent, Links, Models, & More: DCFetishBall.com


The Discount Code for DCFB & DCFW is "XXX" => in line w/ the date of the ball: 10/10/'10   


~  DC Fetish Ball & DC Fetish Weekend  ~

Offering 3 Nights of Pure Extravagance & 3 Floors of Exotic Possibility


Bringing together some of the scene's very best DJ's, models, fashion, live entertainment, & nationally recognized talent - all accented w/ a well equipped play space in some of the city's very best venues, DC Fetish Weekend promises to bring a level of twisted delight worthy of the Nation's Capitol! 


DC's Ultimate Underground Ball & Alternative Dance Night is brought to you by
 The Metro Underground


Special Performance by international sensation Emily Marilyn. Burlesque by the acclaimed Deanna Danger. Fetish Fashion Show by Opulent Design Studios & Baby Loves Latex.


Music by featured DJ's: George Faskinos (Torture Garden Athens), Mighty Mike Saga (Philadelphia), Xris Smack (Stimulate: N.Y.), Dirty-B (Tronik / Alchemy), Mindcage (Deep-6), London Shadows (FetishCon), Vlad (Freaks United), & Wien 71 (DXS Rapture).

Friday (Oct. 8th):  Kicking off the weekend w/ a Special Meet & Greet Burlesque Cabaret…

Ø      A full evening to mix & mingle over live burlesque by Deanna Danger.

Ø      Featured DJ's will keep the energy high & the dance floor humming.

Ø      Doors at 9pm - 18 to mingle / 21+ to mix - $10 cover ($8 if pre-registered).

Ø      Proper Attire is Business Casual or Fetish Fabulous.

Ø      Co-Hosted by DC TNG.         … Did we mention the naked dessert buffet?  

Saturday (10/9):  Special Underground Play Party…

Ø      VIP Play Party for our supporters, affiliate organizations, their members, & those associated w/ the Ball. We do have availability for general guests but accommodations are limited & we will sell out.

Ø      Featuring Top DJ's, Fire Play Demo, Fully Equipped Play Space, Hot Tub, & Nude Body Shots.

Ø      This event is B.Y.O.B.  Full service bar w/ mixers & light buffet will be provided.

Ø      Address & directions provided upon RSVP - you must pre-register for this event.

Ø      Portion of all proceeds to benefit N.C.F.S. (National Coalition for Sexual Freedom).

Sunday (10/10/10):  The DC Fetish Ball hosted at Ultra Bar…

Ø      The weekend culminates in the opulence of the DC Fetish Ball. Hosted at the beautiful & spacious Ultra Bar (911 F St. NW DC): offering 3 full floors of exotic possibility

Ø      Main level offers featured DJ's, dancing, special performance by Emily Marilyn, fetish fashion show, go-go, & burlesque by Deana Danger. Mezzanine VIP lounge overlooks the main club. 

Ø      Second level features top DJ's, social lounge, & fully equipped play space.

Ø      Third level offers Arabian Nights private lounge w/ lifestyle play space. 

Ø      Tickets are $20 at the door ($5 off w/ affiliate code). Doors open at 9pm - must be 18+.

Ø      After-Party immediately follows the main ball.


Dress Code:  Fetish Fabulous, Leather, Latex, PVC, Corsets, Black Tie, Exotic/Erotic, or best as able.

Expect an evening of decadent elegance so dress to impress!  


Play Space provided by DXS Rapture (Dream~X~Streams) & SLYX Fashion.

Dungeon Hosted by Mistresses Tyler, Lady Shazz, Madam Ember, & more!

Rope & Fire Demo


Also on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=146145952090199

And on Fetlife:   http://fetlife.com/events/27814


So please join us for a weekend of endless possibilities & let your fantasies run wild…  


Rick D~


The Metro Underground & DC Fetish Weekend.

DCFB: http://DCFetishBall.com 

The Metro: www.TheMetroUnderground.com  

Join us on Fet-Life: http://FetLife.com/Groups/4756
Follow us on Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/TheMetroUnderground

Newsletter through LJ: http://MetroUndergrnd.LiveJournal.com/


The Metro Underground serves as a primary gateway to the entire spectrum of the alternative, adult, & underground scene for DC, Baltimore, & Mid-Atlantic region.



Our recent event, "St. Patrick's Night of Mayhem" in celebration of The Metro Underground's 1 year anniversary was an incredible time & a fun night for all. We'd like to thank EVERYONE who made it out, as well as our co-host Johnny Panic for the great venue, lighting, & sound. Also J'sun, Cosmo, & Hardware for keeping the dance floor humming. An most certainly, we'd like to give special thanks to Mike Way for his hard work & absolutely AWESOME Job behind the bar. There's already talk of future events so stay tuned! 

Event pics can be seen on Facebook & Fetlife... 

The Metro on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/TheMetroUnderground

RichardAD on Fetlife:  fetlife.com/users/113886

Full Service Bar Staff provided by The Private Professionalswww.ThePrivateProfessionals.com

26 February 2010 @ 12:54 pm

Now back from a winter hiatus, we're once again in the game & are working hard to keep you in the loop & fully informed. It's going to be a good year & we're excited for all that lies ahead...   

This March, the Metro celebrates its 1 year anniversary & we're entering Phase II of our endeavor. With a strong foothold successfully achieved online, we're now expanding our efforts into an ongoing PR campaign aimed at putting the DC Scene firmly on the map.  

In the meantime, we've joined forces w/ DJ Johnny Panic to host a special night for St. Patrick's Day. Celebrating Johnny's Birthday & the 1 Year Anniversary of The Metro Underground, we've put together an evening of unbridled possibility & good times for all.                                                               

So please join us Friday, March 19th from 8pm-2am for St. Patrick Night of Mayhem:

The Return of the Snakes!  

Hosted at a beautiful location just off Capitol Hill, we've assembled a premium full service bar, Irish theme buffet, DJ's, dancing, burlesque, & a night of absolute mayhem. In the true Irish tradition, drinks will be freely flowing & anything goes. So please join us as a personal guest & hoist a pint to good friends old & new.  

See our main site or contact Richard A.D. or for info: Rick@TheMetroUnderground.com   

We also have major plans for future events as well. True to its name, we've killed off Capitol Punishment & it will be no more. It was a great night & offered a level of true elegance to the scene, but there were changes to be made & we wanted something more.  

In its place, we wanted to create an event that would raise the bar on opulence & intrigue - an affair so hot that everyone would stand up & take notice; worthy of national recognition. In this pursuit, Nicotine & Richard A.D. have joined forces to bring you The DC Fetish Ball & DC Fetish Weekend - the city's most scandalous affair!  Plans are in motion & the date is set. So put Columbus Day Weekend on your calendar stay tuned for a night not to be missed. 

In the meantime, spring is soon upon us & things are heating up! There are major shifts taking place in the scene w/ old nights reinventing themselves & new nights springing up all over the place. Rather than a running list here as we've done in the past, we're going to direct you to the main site for a full rundown of everything that's happening.  To which…  

Calendars have been updated & cover a full build-out until June. Major Events have been posted through to the end of the year. News & Notes have been updated to include major stories to keep you in the loop & fully informed. In fact, we've run through the entire site & have updated ALL of our content for each of our listings.  

So check it out online: http://www.TheMetroUnderground.com 

And as promised, you can now follow us on Facebook & Twitter as well. This will offer a more timely dimension to the overall endeavor & will be used in conjunction w/ the main site online & our newsletter through email & Live Journal. So stay in the loop & follow the scene w/ multi-faceted updates for the area's hottest events & important news from across the spectrum.   

Please note that we may post photos, events (etc.), but we recognize the mainstream nature of facebook & will never tag you, post to your wall, or impose ourselves on your public profile in any way. Also, since we cover ALL aspects of the scene, any posting to Facebook will be toned down for the sake of proper decorum. Our more explicit brother on Fet-life will carry a much heavier emphasis on the adult aspects of the scene (although we will cover it on twitter as well). And of course, such elements can also be found on the main site. 

So stay in touch, we have a lot planned for 2010 & it promises to be a great year!   

Rick D (Richard A.D).


If you haven't heard (& I don't know how that would be possible), the scene has recently lost a very dear friend to horribly tragic circumstance...


I've known Dirk casually for a number of years through the scene. But in early 2008 I finally got to know him on a much deeper level. I had broken up with my girlfriend of the time & found myself at a point where I was needing to rebuild some social circles in the area (an aspect in life I had been neglecting for quite a while). At a point when I really needed some new connections, Dirk warmly welcomed me into his circle. Through late night parties & a magnetic personality he introduced me to a whole new group of people, many of whom I'd seen but didn't really know, & many of whom have since become good friends in the scene. It was a time when someone of his charisma & thirst for life was needed & I've felt he was a good friend ever since.

Dirk was an avid fan of Shakespeare. Indeed, he was a very complicated person with a strong degree of depth. Known more for his thirst of life, endless parties, & rare ability to recite poetry from memory, I found him to be quite complex & perhaps even a slightly tortured soul. But his love for the people around him seemed to overshadow it all - both his faults & his lifestyle as a parade of endless parties.

The more I thought about it, I found myself left in awe by how abruptly such a life was swept away. And yet, something tells me he'll shake things up wherever he may be; that in time we'll all come to pass & gather around the sacred fire to join in friendship & good conversation as the sound of subtle drums beat a soothing rhythm in the distance.

But while I sat & thought, the whole sense of such a meaningless tragedy seemed to bring me back to his love for Shakespeare. I must admit, he had much better friends than myself, but I would like to offer this...

"He was a living icon & a force within the scene - killed in a crime of passion just past Valentine's & a few days short of his birthday. Many mourn his loss, & now his birthday will be celebrated as a wake. Indeed, it is a tragedy that Shakespeare himself could not have written."

Without question, our time as friends was far too short.


For more information on the circumstances surrounding his death, please refer to the City Paper:  http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/artsdesk/general/2010/02/16/dirk-smiler-prominent-washington-goth-is-dead/


There is also a memorial website established in his name:  http://www.ripdirk.com/index.html